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"I hate casual shooting. Every shot is preceded by working to get open and catch and shoot under game like conditions."

Bob Knight


Dynamic Stretching
with Grant Norland

Dr. Grant Norland walks you through a dynamic stretching warm-up that is designed specifically for basketball players and stretches the most common muscles and joints utilized to perform basketball moves.

(Estimated time: 5 minutes)

VC - Dynamic Stretching


Lateral Plyos
with Grant Norlund
Dr. Grant Norlund is back and this time, he's showing you how to become more explosive moving side to side. This translates perfectly to the basketball court, so make sure follow along closely.

(Estimated Time: 3 Minutes)

GN - Lateral Plyos - VC

Ball Handling

Shifty Drill
with Ryan Razooky
Pro skills trainer Ryan Razooky shows you how to be more shifty and have a sense of rhythm while handling the ball. There is a beginner and an advanced version of this drill included in the video, but we recommend all players complete both series.

(Estimated Time: 6 minutes)

YT - Shifty Rhythm

Shooting Drill

Jab & Go
with Ryan Razooky
This is the first of three drills in our Jab Progression led by Ryan Razooky. You will start by learning how to master the Jab & Go. 

Recommended Reps - Make 20 Total Shots with 5 Makes at each of the four locations.

(Estimated Time: 5 minutes)

RR - Jab & Go - VC

Shooting Drill

Jab Shot - Basic
with Ryan Razooky
In this drill, you'll use the Jab Step to create separation, but instead of going downhill, you'll replace back to your original spot and knock down the shot. Coach Razooky breaks down the footwork in this video

Recommended Reps - Make 20, 5 per location

(Estimated Time: 5 minutes)

RR - Jab Shot - VC

Shooting Drill

Jab SHOT - Advanced
with Ryan Razooky
Take what you've learned about the jab move so far and watch how Coach Razooky uses it to me even more deceptive, especially if your defender is crowding you.  

Recommended Reps - Make 20, 5 per location

(Estimated Time: 5 minutes)

RR - Jab Step - VC

Cool Down

Streak Free Throws
with Brittnye McSparron
It's extremely important to be able to knock down free throws while you're tired. Cool down with Coach Brittnye and see how many you can make in a row. As this camp progresses, we'll raise the goal.
Recommended Reps:
Basic: Take 20 free throws
Advanced: Take 20 free throws. End with a streak of 5 in a row.
BM - Streak Free Throws - VC

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