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Quote of the Day

Find Your Motivation
"I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come."

Michael Jordan


Dynamic Stretching
with Grant Norland

Dr. Grant Norland walks you through a dynamic stretching warm-up that is designed specifically for basketball players and stretches the most common muscles and joints utilized to perform basketball moves.

(Estimated time: 5 minutes)

VC - Dynamic Stretching

Ball Handling

Behind the Back Handles
with Jefferson mason
In this progression, you'll be working on two different variations of a behind the back move. First, a quick behind the back, then an extended behind the back. Follow along with Coach Mason and try to keep up!

(Estimated Time: 3 minutes)

JM - BTB Progression - VC

Shooting Drills

Mid-Range Shooting
with Mike Dunn
Pro Skills Trainer and Shooting Coach, Mike Dunn gives you in-depth detail on shooting tips throughout the course of this progression. You'll be working on all types of shots from mid-range, 3pt, off the dribble, and free throws.
NOTE: If you have a Dr. Dish All-Star, or Dr. Dish Home, you can find all of today's drills bundled together in a workout, titled "Sharp Shooter Challenge" under Mike Dunn Workouts in the companion app for your machine. If you have a CT, you can find this in your list of Mike Dunn workouts titled "Sharp Shooter Challenge" on your machine.

Recommended Reps - Take 25, 5 shots from 5 spots

(Estimated Time: 3 minutes)


MD - Mid Range - VC


Shooting Drills

Free Throws
with Mike Dunn
Now you're on to Free Throws. See what Mike has to say about staying consistent at the line. Try to stay above 80% for this drill.

Recommended Reps: Take 20

(Estimated Time: 2 min)

MD - FT - VC

Shooting Drills

3 PT Shooting
with Mike Dunn
You're back to jumpshots now, taking what you've learned so far and incorporating that into your 3pt shot. Keep listening to Coach Mike!

Recommended Reps: Take 25, 5 shots from 5 spots

(Estimated Time: 3 minutes)

MD - 3pt - VC

Shooting Drills

Escape Dribble
with Mike Dunn
In this last shooting drill, you'll learn how to create some separation with an escape dribble for those times when you can't just catch and shoot.

Recommended Reps - 25 3's, 5 shots from 5 spots

(Estimated Time: 3 minutes)

MD - Escape Dribble - VC

Cool Down

Streak Free Throws
with Brittnye McSparron
It's extremely important to be able to knock down free throws while you're tired. Cool down with Coach Brittnye and see how many you can make in a row. As this camp progresses, we'll raise the goal.
Recommended Reps:
Basic: Take 20 free throws
Advanced: Take 20 free throws. End with a streak of 7 in a row.
BM - Streak Free Throws - VC

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