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Repetition is the key to success


Dr. Dish partner and former University of Alabama Point Guard Hannah Barber challengES you to join the 30k Shot Club

Why 30K Shots?

Get 10 with 10

There's no faster way to get reps this summer THAN WITh A DR. DISH

Get 10% with 10K Shots

For the average Dr. Dish user, 30K shots over the summer is associated with a 11% increase in make percentage. Internal Airborne Athletics data from all Dr. Dish shooting machines for the period of June - August 2021

Step 1
Make the Commitment 


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To make 30,000 shots over a period of 3 months players can set their goal to be 333 shots each day, 2,333 each week or 10,000 each month

Training with Dr. Dish? Use the Goal Setting Feature in the Dr. Dish Player App to hold yourself accountable and track your progress.

Step 2
Do the Work

Now that you've committed to the 30K Shot Club it's time to do the work! In the videos below, Hannah shares the workout splits that helped her reach 30,000 shots. Each workout consists of a daily warm-up, workout focus, and daily finisher. Check it out and get them added to your routine!

Daily Warmup

25 Free Throws
25 Top of the Key 3's

After each daily warm-up and workout, you'll end with a daily finisher of 25 free throws! By consistently incorporating these workouts into your routine, you'll stay on track towards hitting your goal of 30,000 shots this off-season. Remember to save and track your stats in the Dr. Dish Player App and/or fill out your shot tracker for greater accountability and motivation.

Step 3
Celebrate & Share

IT's Important to take the time to celebrate your progress and success! We encourage you to share your 30k shot club journey and success with us on social media by tagging @drdishbball and @hdebarber with #30KShotClub

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