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We designed this 12 day camp to provide you with a basketball camp experience without having to leave home. Get ready, get better, faster.

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Become a Complete Player at Home

This daily camp will provide you with drills, workouts, tips, inspiration, and resources from some of the best basketball trainers in the world. If you commit to giving your complete effort throughout each day, you WILL become a better player in all aspects of the game. Oh, and it’s 100% FREE.

Don’t have a hoop? That’s okay! Each day of the camp includes some awesome drills that don’t require a hoop, so you should still sign up.

Sign up today and receive:

  • Drills and videos from top trainers in the world (Drew Hanlen, DJ Sackmann, Jordan Lawley, Mike Dunn, Pat the Roc, Jefferson Mason, and more!)
  • Daily shooting progressions and challenges
  • Daily ball handling progressions
  • Warm up and stretching routines
  • Agility and conditioning segments
  • Daily inspirational videos and downloadable quotes
  • A downloaded Daily Progress Tracker
  • A complete mindfulness series to build mental strength

*Bonus! Sign up today and receive a FREE copy of our “Ultimate Quote Book” via email.

How does it Work? FAQs:

  • Once you sign up by filling out the form, you'll receive a daily email and/or text between 8-9am CT with a link to your daily workout plan and videos. 
  • Each day starts with an inspirational video and quote to get you pumped up. From there you'll be ready to start warming up and executing the complete workout. 
  • The camp is designed as 5 days on, 2 days of rest/recovery, and 5 days on again.
  • The shooting drills require a ball and a hoop. The ball handling drills only require a ball (there are a few two-ball dribbling drills). And the agility/conditioning drills only require a little bit of space.

Frequently Asked Questions