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Training Isn't Cancelled

Just because we're all stuck at home doesn't mean that training is cancelled. Check out this video to get you going. There's plenty of people out there still grinding. Make sure you're one of them.

2020 Training Isnt Cancelled 3

Quote of the Day

Find Your Motivation
“Commitment separates those who live their dreams from those who live their lives regretting the opportunities they have squandered.”

Bill Russell


Dynamic Stretching
with Grant Norland

Dr. Grant Norland walks you through a dynamic stretching warm-up that is designed specifically for basketball players and stretches the most common muscles and joints utilized to perform basketball moves.

(Estimated time: 5 minutes)

VC - Dynamic Stretching

Ball Handling

Inverted Drag Handles
with DJ Sackmann
Grab an accountability piece (ex. medicine ball, water bottle, shoe, cone, etc.) and watch NBA Skills Trainer, DJ Sackmann show you how to perform an Inverted Drag Dribble. 

Recommended Reps

  1. 25 with your strong hand
  2. 25 with your off hand
  3. 25 with your strong hand
  4. 25 with your off hand

(Estimated Time: 5 minutes)

DJ - Inverted Drag Handles - VC

Shooting Drill

Inverted Drag Foot Replacement
with DJ Sackmann
Take what you learned in the previous segment and incorporate that into a shooting motion. DJ Sackmann will show you how to perform an Inverted Drag into a Foot Replacement in this next drill.

Recommended Reps - 10 makes

(Estimated Time: 4 minutes)

DJ - Inverted Drag 1 - Foot Replacement - VC

Shooting Drill

Inverted Drag Step Backs
with DJ Sackmann
In this drill, you will now add on a step back move after performing an Inverted Drag. DJ Sackmann shows you some pointers on how to master this move.

Recommended Reps - 10 makes

(Estimated Time: 4 minutes)

DJ - Inverted Drag 2 - Step Back - VC

Shooting Drill

Inverted Drag Game Action
with DJ Sackmann
Now you'll build off the previous two drills and incorporate a game action into your Inverted Drag moves. This drill simulates reacting to what a defender might give you going right and left in a game. DJ Sackmann breaks down the footwork going both directions.

Recommended Reps - 10 makes

(Estimated Time: 4 minutes)

DJ - Inverted Drag 3 - Game Action - VC

Shooting Drill

Game Action Step Backs
with DJ Sackman
In our last shooting drill, you will add a step back move to your game action. Make sure to take everything you've learned so far and add in these last final teaching points from Coach DJ.

Recommended Reps - 10 Makes

(Estimated Time: 4 minutes)

DJ - Inverted Drag 4 - Game like Step Backs - VC

Cool Down

Streak Free Throws
with Brittnye McSparron
It's extremely important to be able to knock down free throws while you're tired. Cool down with Coach Brittnye and see how many you can make in a row. As this camp progresses, we'll raise the goal.
Recommended Reps:
Basic: Take 20 free throws
Advanced: Take 20 free throws. End with a streak of 4 in a row.
BM - Streak Free Throws - VC

Great Work!

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