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What's Your Motivation?

Find it.

Harness it.

Use it to keep you going when every fiber in body wants to quit.

Quote of the Day

Find Your Motivation

"Tough times don't last; tough people do!

Warm Up

Bodyweight Warm Up
with Emily Stiemsma

Alright, you know what today is right? It's your last day! Let's get this thing started off right one last time with Coach Emily. Give it all you got.

(Estimated time: 5 minutes)

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Ball Handling

1 Ball High, 1 Ball Low
with Brittnye McSparron
Since today is your last day, we thought we'd challenge you a bit by letting Coach Brittnye see what you're made of in this 2 ball drill. Follow along as Brittnye leads you in your last ball handling drill of the camp.

(Estimated Time: 2 minutes)

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100 Shot Challenge
with Ryan Razooky
Ryan Razooky is back for Day 12 and bringing you his 100 Shot Challenge. You'll be taking 100 shots from your favorite spot on the court, but you'll have to switch it up a bit. Watch Ryan break it down and see if you can stay above 75% for the duration of this challenge.
Recommended Reps
  1. 1 Dribble Pull Ups: Take 20 - 10 going right, 10 going left
  2. Step Backs: Take 20 - 10 going right, 10 going left
  3. Speed Stops: Take 20 - 10 going right, 10 going left
  4. Hesitation Pull Ups: Take 20 - 10 going right, 10 going left
  5. Catch & Shoot 3's: Take 20

(Estimated Time: 20 minutes)

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Cool Down

Streak Free Throws
with Brittnye McSparron
You know the drill. Last time! Focus and knock down these free throws while you're tired.
Recommended Reps - Make 12 in a row
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Great Work!

You're Almost Done

Just let us know what you thought of today's workout and we'll get tomorrow's workout queued up. Be sure to complete your feedback form each day or you won't receive the next workout.