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Quote of the Day

Find Your Motivation
"If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm Positive that a doer makes mistakes."

John Wooden


Dynamic Stretching
with Grant Norland

Dr. Grant Norland walks you through a dynamic stretching warm-up that is designed specifically for basketball players and stretches the most common muscles and joints utilized to perform basketball moves.

(Estimated time: 5 minutes)

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Box Cone Drill
with Coach Mason

Get those feet moving and that heart pumping with this agility drill. If you don't have cones, just use some water bottles or extra pairs of shoes and let Coach Mason show you the rest.

(Estimated Time: 2 Minutes)

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Ball Handling

1 Ball Warm up
with Emily Stiemsma

Coach Emily kicks off the camp with a single ball warm up drill to get you started. See if you can keep up!

(Estimated Time: 4 minutes)

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Ball Handling

Float Crossover
with Drew Hanlen

NBA skills trainer and Founder & CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball, Drew Hanlen, shows you how to perform a float crossover move in this ball handling drill. Use whatever space to go back and forth while performing this move.

Recommended Reps: 10 Down and Backs - as many times as needed

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Shooting Drills

Float Cross Jumper
with Drew Hanlen
Now Drew is going to show you how to incorporate the Float Crossover going into your shot. Try this move from 2pt, 3pt, and then see if you can beat our streak challenge.
Recommended Reps
  1. Float Crossover 2's: Take 25, 5 shots from 5 spots
  2. Float Crossover 3's: Take 25, 5 shots from 5 spots
  3. Make 5 in a row
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Cool Down

Streak Free Throws
with Brittnye McSparron
It's extremely important to be able to knock down free throws while you're tired. Cool down with Coach Brittnye and see how many you can make in a row. As this camp progresses, we'll raise the goal.
Recommended Reps:
Basic: Take 20 free throws
Advanced: Take 20 free throws. End with a streak of 3 in a row.
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